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With today's technology, virtually anyone can record their songs at home and distribute them over the internet. This provides great opportunities for artists to share their music with the world. The floodgates have opened, and every day thousands of new songs are being pushed to the masses, making it harder for your music to be noticed.

Blue Stream Records offers the experience, tools and knowledge to take your music to the next level. We combine cutting edge digital technology with a classic understanding of timeless audio quality. Whether you are looking to record a demo to shop around, or a pristine production for global release, we can help.

  • We utilize the highest quality audio gear for capturing your sound
  • We can take your tracks recorded at other facilities and mix them to perfection
  • We have a network of professional musicians from around the globe who can contribute to your project
  • We work with legendary mastering engineers who can make your final product sound as big as you want
  • We have nationally-acclaimed graphic artists available for packaging design
  • We have manufacturing partners who can make your final product shine
  • We have distribution partners to help get your music to market

Through it all, Blue Stream Records gives your project the personal attention you deserve. We literally immerse ourself in each and every project, assuring that the final product meets your satisfaction, and that the experiences gained through the process help you continue to further your understanding of the music industry and take another step toward achieving your musical dreams.

Meet Our Team

Jeff Wheaton is the President and founder of Blue Stream Records. Jeff has been involved in the music industry for over 25 years as a musician, songwriter, producer, performer and audio engineer. He has performed around the country and has been writing and recording music the entire time, including sessions with grammy-nominated producer Todd Joos at Cellar Records in Dixon, IL, legendary Nashville drummer/producer Greg Morrow (Amy Grant, Trisha Yearwood and countless others) and Canadian legend Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem, Fair Ground). Jeff brings his knowledge of recording technology, love of music and warm, welcoming personality to each partnership.

Robert "Murph" Murphy is Blue Stream Records' Vice President and "chief techie". Murph has been involved in the music industry for nearly 30 years as a musician, songwriter, producer, performer and audio engineer. As a touring rock guitarist, he worked with industry greats like Greg Morrow and Tommy Cathey in Memphis, and appeared on several music videos. Murph brings his technical skills, knowledge of music, and his endless supply of contagious energy and enthusiasm to every Blue Stream Records project.

Joel is head of A&R for Blue Stream Records. As the son of a former rocker, with sufficient musical skills of his own, Joel has a keen perspective of the trends and styles in the music industry.

Having interned at New West Records in Los Angeles, and serving as an Executive Director of AgapeFest music festivals, Joel continues to build his network and seek diverse experiences.

Joel has spent his life in pursuit of music and the arts. As a performer, songwriter, and businessman, Joel brings a strong balance of strategic thinking and creative expertise to BSR and our artists.

Blue Stream Records has countless others working behind the scenes to help our dream shape your dream. We have many great session players available to contribute to projects, and great friends helping promote the label. We thank all of them!


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