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E.L. Kurtz
E.L. Kurtz (Ernest) has been playing music as long as he can remember. His interest in early American history - as evidenced by his knowledge and participation in revolutionary war re-enactments - and his love of music have allowed Ernest to become one of the premier performers of 18th century music around the country.

After reliving many great battle scenes and performing his music at countless shows over the years, Ernest and his good friend and fellow re-enactor Robert Murphy began to formulate the beginnings of a concept album based on a 1700's-era soldier's life.

Through detailed research and understanding of the period, Robert and Ernest have crafted an absorbing story of love, life and the fight for America's freedom.

Having made the decision to put their story to music in hopes of sharing their passion for the period, Robert and Ernest contacted Jeff Wheaton at Blue Stream Records about recording and producing their CD.

Using authentic songs from the period of a revolutionary war soldier's life, artfully blended with traditional instruments and Ernest's mesmerizing voice, the team is creating a beautiful and poignant musical tapestry that transports the listener back 250 years and puts them right in the middle of 1700s America.

With the 21st century technology available from Blue Stream Records, and Ernest's uncanny ability to impart realistic and subtle nuances true to 18th century styles, a decision had to be made regarding just how perfect to record the project. On one hand, the result has to be palatable to modern-day ears. On the other hand, 18th century "bards" (musicians) did not play to a click track, have perfectly tuned instruments, or even the ability to proclaim a "do over" if their performance was less than perfect. The team decided to strike a balance that would provide a quality listening experience comparable to today's music while striving to maintain a period feel.

To provide even more authenticity to the project, Ernest went in search of a traditional lute. Triumphantly he was able to purchase an 1860's lute from Germany. Amazingly, the lute was located in the same German town where Ernest's ancestors originated!

The project was recorded and mixed at Blue Stream Records during winter 2006-2007, and was released on Memorial Day, 2007 - just in time for the modern day re-enactors to emerge from their winter hibernation and take position on historic battle fields to relive the experiences of our forefathers.

To date the album has sold world-wide, with thousands of digital downloads in North America and Europe.

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E.L. Kurtz - A Soldier's Journey
E.L. Kurtz - A Soldier's Journey
Seventeen beautiful and poignant songs from the 18th century. An international favorite among history enthusiasts!

Release Date: 2007

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